What's the Best Vintage Car Under $7,500?

After years of touting how great it is to own and drive a classic car, you’ve finally convinced your friend, nephew, neighbor, or other unsuspecting soul to make the plunge and buy their first vintage automobile.  What would you recommend they get for under $7500?

Here’s how Afshin Behnia, Petrolicious founder/CEO and incurable Alfista, answers the question:

“I’d recommend a 1970 - 1975 Alfa Romeo Spider.  These 2-liter ‘Series 2’ Spiders are very fun to drive and easy to work on and surprisingly reliable.   And because Alfa Romeo’s twin-cam engine design remained mostly unchanged from the 1300cc engines used in Giuliettas from the ‘50s, once you learn how to work on the Spider, you’ll be able to work on most other Alfas (and believe me, you’ll end up with more Alfas!)”

In case Afshin’s got you interested, check out the Spiders he recommends here on eBay.

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Now we’d like to hear from you:

What’s the best vintage car under $7500 for a first-time buyer?