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Whenever I’m away from Milan too long, there are three places that I start to miss the most: the Madonnina for the best Milanese home cooking, all the bars on the Navigli canal, and of course, my favorite automobile bookstore ever, the Libreria dell’Automobile.  A car-lover’s paradise, Libreria dell’Automobile is run by a family of authentic gearheads. Originally founded by Giorgio Nada, today the store is run by his two sons Sergio and Stefano Nada.  If the name sounds familiar, it’s because they also founded and run the auto- and motorcycle-themed publishing house Giorgio Nada Editore, which has published some of the best books in the industry.

You’ll find titles in English, Italian, and German covering even the most obscure or forgotten marque or model.  Some rare and prized publications also fill the shelves, including a very rare factory yearbook published by Ferrari in 1961.

Though they ship internationally, and you can order everything online, I highly suggest you experience being there in person.  But bring a cart.  Chances are you’ll be walking back with a heavy load.

Libreria dell’Automobile  

Corso Venezia 45

Milan, Italy