Choose a Bespoke, Coachbuilt GT

Bespoke 1950s and '60s GT cars are some of our favorites. The hand-fashioned detail and high-style design typified by cars of this segment are simply beyond comparison with anything made since. How cool would it be to step out with your significant other for a night on the town in a car likely built to order for a politician, captain of industry, or celebrity of half a century ago? Either one of the below are well-suited to the task in a most elegantly over-the-top way.

Coachbuilt in France and among the most exclusive cars of its day is the Facel Vega FV. Simultaneously stately and sporty, it’s powered by a Chrysler Hemi V8 and fitted with an interior of lavishness and workmanship unparalleled even by contemporary Rollers and Bentleys. Pillarless, like all the best coupes are, the FV may not be the most obvious choice as a GT, but that’s exactly what makes it so spectacular.

Our other offering is a Maserati 3500 GT, the gorgeous A6’s replacement and Maser’s first attempt at the gran turismo market it later fully embraced. Powered by a twincam 3.5 liter straight six with Lucas injection, it made a healthy 240 HP and emitted one of the all-time great exhaust notes. Hand-built by Touring using the Superleggera technique, it’s bursting with delightful quirks and fascinating features we love about expensive old cars.

There’s no wrong choice between the two, both are superb examples of everything that was right about high-end car design and engineering in a very golden age. That said, if you had to make a choice, what would it be?

1956 Facel Vega FV2B                

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1962 Maserati 3500 GT Touring

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