A Month of Celebrating BMW: The Bavarian Experience

BMW perfected the sports sedan. This simple concept, a winning blend of practicality, performance, stealth, and comfort is something we take for granted today, with competitors from across the globe selling their best imitation Ultimate Driving Machines. Somehow, though, none seem to be able to capture the elusive BMW feel, a magic mix of control weighting, feedback, and response—it’s difficult to quantify exactly what makes a Beemer so special, but if you’ve ever driven one, you understand almost immediately.

Many of us got our first taste of a real driver’s car in a BMW, maybe in the boxy-yet-seductive shape of a slightly scruffy, second-hand Neue Klasse, E21, E30, or even E36. Our first furtive steps towards mastering throttle control, cadence braking, apex clipping, and oversteer—the most fun you can have in a car, brought to you by Munich’s generations-deep dedication to the art of chassis tuning and rear wheel drive.

Across the decades, BMW has created a disproportionately-large percentage of the world’s all-time great driving machines, from 1930s-era 328s through the 2002, CSL, M1, M3, M5, and countless others—we want to celebrate them all. Throughout the month of June we will dedicate much of our time and resources to bringing you Bavaria’s best, from insightful owner interviews, stories, original photography, fascinating and untold anecdotes, factory advertising, and of course, our trademark video profiles. Stay tuned; it’s going to be an exciting month.

Check out our teaser below on The Bavarian Experience videos coming in June.