Remembering USSR-Era Cars through Advertising Photography

Since the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, car ownership in Russia has tripled and that has brought a larger interest to the vintage car culture. We love the look of these vintage advertising photographs featuring Soviet-era cars such as Ladas, GAZ Volgas, Izh 2125 Kombis, and ZAZ Zaporozhets.

The strong and affordable trademark Lada was created as a joint venture between Italy and the Soviet Union, and these cars are still very common in Russia today. Big, sturdy Volgas were created to replace the GAZ Popeda and were a symbol of a higher social status. Aside from being driven by wealthy Russians, these Volgas were typically used by KGB officers and taxi drivers. The Izh 2125 Kombis were small family cars based on the Moskvitch 412 and were built in the Izhevsk Machinebuilding Plant, which also happened to produce Kalashnikovs, cannons, missles, and other guided shells. Zaporozhets cars were the most affordable option for Russians, and these cars are still warmly remembered as the Russian "people's car".

Do you have a favorite vintage Russian car?

(Click here to see some beautiful reader-submitted photographs of a 1968 ZAZ-965A Zaporozhets.)

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