Save The Grease for Your Garage Floor–Wear a Pair of Coveralls

For a lot of us, a big part of the fun of old cars is keeping them on the road. It takes patience, skill, and dedication to run a classic, and the challenge is often its own reward. If, like us, you frequently spend weekends crawling around underneath an oily old car, you might as well come to the job properly equipped and invest in a nice pair of coveralls—the cost of which is recouped pretty quickly when you factor in the cost of ruined jeans and t-shirts that come otherwise.

There are plenty to choose from, but no need to be fancy—any dark-blue, thick cotton set will do. Grab a pair and save your ratty old denim for painting the house.

We’ve had pairs from Craftsmen and Dickies, as well as military surplus Army pairs, all of which did the job just fine. Here we’ve linked to some finds on Amazon, but a trip to the surplus store is always fun, too.