The Alpine A110 Is at Home in the French Countryside

Originally purchased in the early 1970s by the Alpine Dutch Club president in The Netherlands, this 1972 Renault Alpine A110 1600 S didn’t see the open road too often, since roads in The Netherlands during that time period were more dirt than tarmac.

Frederic Novo bought this car from its original owner in 2008, and you couldn’t ask for a better candidate to care for such a car. He had owned two Alpines before this one, but the first wasn't powerful enough, and the second was a race car that his wife wasn't able to drive, so this one has been a perfect fit between power and driveability.

Spotting an Alpine A110 is always a beautiful thing, but what's more beautiful is to see one gliding through the French countryside on its home soil.

Photography by David Marvier for Petrolicious