Driving an All-American Muscle Car in Middle America Is Nirvana

Owner: Seth Farrar

Location: Kansas City area, Missouri

Year, Make, & Model: 1972 Chevelle Malibu

Photographer: Seth Farrar

This Chevelle Malibu is 18-year-old Seth Farrar's first car, and he loves that it's a nice twist on a classic American muscle car. With the help of his father, who is in the car business, Seth searched for a year for the right muscle car that would not only stand out, but that he could keep forever. One night, a friend of Seth's father's called to let them know about the car—they drove to see it the next way, and soon afterward, Seth drove home in his very own car. Three years later, and his love and pride for the car haven't changed one bit. 

"It's obviously not a priceless exotic or highly tuned one of a kind car, but it was my ticket to the wonderful world of automobiles", Seth tells us, because it has given him so much insight on how things like mechanics and suspension work. The car has a 383 stroker that only makes about 300 to the wheels, but Seth is in the midst of swapping in an LS2-based 403 stroker with about 600 horsepower. He does all the basic maintenance himself, but having a father in the automobile business has its perks, because whenever something major is necessary, Seth's father's mechanics help him out.

Living in the country, Seth loves to drive his car on two-lane (paved) country roads in the summer. "Cruising with the windows down with no other cars around on a warm day is pure car nirvana for me," he tells us. The Chevelle is Seth's daily driver, so oftentimes he ends up stuck in traffic in the pouring rain or having to scrape off or deal with a frosty windshield on a cold, uncomfortable winter day. But these uncomfortable moments help Seth to better appreciate the perfect moments of driving the car.

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