This is a Good Japanese Driver that has Potential Upside

The car: 1973 Datsun 240Z

Price: $6500 (price at posting time)

Location: Denver, Colorado, USA

Original Ad: Click here

There are folks in this world who will parrot “there isn’t such thing as a collectible Japanese car” but that's usually a strong litmus test for determining who knows cars and who is talking out of their shiri. How could one not include the Datsun 240Z? A nicely styled sports coupe with a solid inline-six, it served as a populist Carrera for thousands of Americans in the 1970s and helped cement Datsun's reputation beyond sedans.

This 1973 240Z on eBay is what they call a “Series II” version which had several subtle updates from the original 1969 model. It also has been modified with a tasteful paint job with other mix/match mods like changing the stock flat-top carbs to the earlier round-top carbs with chrome air covers, although the seller has the original carbs and air cleaner. The windshield, rubber gaskets, carpet, header hoses and dash cover all have been replaced. Originally equipped with AC, a previous owner chose to remove it. Inside, the front seats have been recovered. This Z is claimed to be pretty straight and solid all the way around plus it “runs and drives good”–maybe not gramatically correct but a nice, fun driver. However, could you own a Z with an automatic? Perhaps a concession to American driving conditions, we wonder how much it will affect the demand for this Z. This may be a good opportunity for someone to drop in a five-speed and tweak it into something that exploits its potential to the fullest.

Editor's note: We just found out that the car has been sold for $6600.

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