What Attainable Classic Car Should Be Worth More?

For decades I’ve heard the argument that some cars are worth more than the market generally prices them. With the launch of our latest video (Dare to be Different, featuring a Datsun 240Z) I was faced with this head-scratcher once again.

The Datsun 240Z is one of those cars that can be overlooked in the large ocean of classic cars. It has an overhead cam engine, webber-carbs, independent suspension, a racing pedigree, and a design aesthetic derived from the hottest sports cars of its era. Yes, well-restored models can yield top-dollar prices, but daily drivers hover in a price bracket that keep the cars on the roads and in the hands of the next generation. Should this always be the case? After watching our own video—more than once—I found myself scouring craigslist.com, Hemmings, and some classic 240Z forums, eventually convincing myself prices were too good to not consider owning one.  

There’s something to be said about these affordable cult cars that take the driving experience to another level. They make their owners feel like they’ve just acquired the steal of the century. With the motor humming, the patinaed body and the smell of sun-burnt vinyl seats, these cars earn the respect of your peers when cruising Main Street, and can demand as much attention as the latest supercar. So why bother blowing your hard-earned cash on a car you’ll keep in the garage to look at? This car begs you to drive it and wring it out like its first owners undoubtedly did.

In my pursuit to join the classic car owners club, I’ve cast a wide net of potential specimens: a BMW 2002, Fiat 124 Spider, Alfa Romeo GTV, Datsun 240Z (series-1), and even a Porsche 911 SC have all fallen into my net. Which one will I finally decide to toss into my garage? Who knows. For now, I’ll continue to devote hours, err...days, of research in hopes of landing the perfect candidate. Whatever I choose, I know I’ll be looking for that emotional tug of the heart strings telling me, “A car like this should be worth more than that!”  

Which attainable classic car makes you feel like it should be worth more than it is?

Image Source: iedeiblog.com