What Would You Like to See More of?

Photography by Afshin Behnia for Petrolicious

At Petrolicious we run stories that appeal to us, which we think will also appeal to you. And we try to capture a wide range of vehicles, brands, and people. But frankly, this is a dialogue and we'd like to know what you'd like to see more of? While I have to admit that if this was my own personal site I'd cover nothing but Italian cars and their associated paraphernalia, I've been told that there are cars built in other places and that they, too, have a following. I'm not quite sure why given that Alfa, Ferrari, and Lamborghini are all from Italy, but apparently this is true.

Obviously, I'm joking. I own an American car, a Japanese car, and, gasp, a Korean daily driver. But I continue to lust for something that sounds like a curse word and will try to kill me at every turn. Countach! But I'd like to know, if Petrolicious was yours to command, what you'd like to see more of? Which brands, which cars, which products, and which people should we be paying more attention to? There are no wrong answers, even if you claim there are cars made outside of Italy, which is obviously not true.

What would you like to see more of?