Yank in the UK

The car: 1972 Jensen Interceptor SP

Price: £29,995.00 (approximately $50,380)

Location: United Kingdom

Original Ad: Click here

 Chrysler’s motors were perhaps the most over-engineered of the Big Three, which made it attractive to several European brands from France, Switzerland, and the UK. Of the bunch, the most popular of these hybrids was the Jensen Interceptor—not only did it have 440 power, but it also was the only hybrid to ever utilize Six Pack carburetion. Known as the Interceptor SP and putting out 385 gross horsepower (on paper), only 232 were built between September 1971 and July 1973. They easily can be identified by the four long rows of louvers on the hood.

This Interceptor on eBay is one of 219 SPs with RHD. Seller claims this 21,365-mile SP has had only four owners in the past 40 years. A body-on restoration was recently completed, but at one point, the Six Pack induction was removed and not returned, although the chassis and engine block show this Interceptor to be a real SP. Chrome and interior are in excellent condition, with a new stainless steel exhaust, tires, refurbished wheels, and carpet rounding out the things you don’t need to worry about. Painted in yellow with a back vinyl top and a factory, full-length Webasto sunroof, this Interceptor SP is perhaps the best Anglo-American pairing since Churchill and Roosevelt.

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