You Can Buy Michael Schumacher's Car, But You Won't Be As Quick

The car: 1991 Cosworth/Benetton B191-5

Price: €729,000 (approximately $ 1,010,900)

Location: Luxembourg

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Italian clothing manufacturer Benetton has been involved in F1 racing since 1983, but this 1991 Cosworth-powered B191 chassis no. 5 might be their most significant car. Why? Well, this is the car in which Michael Schumacher scored his first World Championship points, ever, after placing fifth at Monza on September 8, 1991, embarking on a journey that would take him to the history books as the most accomplished Formula One driver who has ever lived.

Schumacher’s Benetton B191-5 sports a fresh 3484cc four-cam, aluminum Cosworth V8 that puts out 640 horsepower. Unlike today’s lame slushboxes, this one has an honest-to-goodness six-speed manual transmission. The chassis uses monocoque construction made entirely of carbon fiber, which was quite exotic at the time. Brembo brakes help stop the OZ racing wheel/Avon tire combo, although admittedly it’s the traffic that will stop for you. Of course, with a car of this caliber, how could you not have a Momo steering wheel? If you have a million bucks to spend, they’ll even throw in a complete set of pit equipment including starter and two additional sets of wheels.

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