Zero to Sixty in 32.6 Seconds

No, the zero-to-sixty time isn't remarkable nowadays, but it wasn't back then either. And frankly, you were probably better off using a calendar to measure this little Honda's acceleration than a stop-watch. But it was fun, didn't cost a fortune, and helped introduce much of the world to Hondas as cars. Named for its two-cylinder, 600cc motor, the Honda Z600 was only exported for three years. But it was produced for five and in Japan (and some other Pacific markets, such as Australia), could also be had with a 360cc engine, following Kei car regulations. It was marketed as the sport coupé version of the N600 (or 360), both of which were sold at motorcycle dealerships (in the US) until the Civic replaced it in 1973 at stand-alone Honda automotive dealerships.

The following images are from the brochure and feature a happy, young vibe. The bright, fully saturated colors don't hurt either, portraying the vehicle as a fun, urban plaything. Some of the cooler features include seats that fold almost flat, several trim levels, a modern interior, and of course, the ability to enchant an entire sidewalk café.

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