Journal: 300SL Brochures Sold Glamour to The Rich and Famous

300SL Brochures Sold Glamour to The Rich and Famous

Petrolicious Productions By Petrolicious Productions
May 30, 2013

The 300SL is often credited as the first-ever supercar, its racing technology and incredible doors marked it so far apart from more pedestrian machines that a new category had to be invented for it to fit into. Released as a road car in 1954, it landed amid a sea of staid, post-war European sedans, its outlandish looks and otherworldly turn of speed sending shockwaves rippling throughout the automotive world that would continued to be felt for decades after.

The SL’s stratospheric price of roughly $11,000 meant that only the super-wealthy were able to afford it, and its resultant air of exclusivity in team with so much style made it irresistible to the famous and fabulous of the fifties. Clark Gable, Sophia Loren, Frank Lloyd Wright, and Pablo Picasso are but a few of glamour icons who previously owned Gullwings, though Picasso never learned to drive—he simply had his wife drive him about.

Here’s a rare glimpse at some Anglo/American market advertising for the 300SL coupe and roadster, two of the greatest cars ever built.

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Paul Thompson
Paul Thompson

I was rather taken by the 1950s Californian approach to the 300SL. They maybe all Teutonic and, unfortunately, mostly silver but that’s not a problem for Von Dutch. [url=””]Pimp my Gullwing[/url] or maybe just [url=””]add flames[/url].

Matthew Lange
Matthew Lange

Very cool. You may also like this 300SL rat-rod I saw at the Le Mans Classic back in 2008 (sorry not a great pic)

Alan Franklin
Alan Franklin

You won’t want to know what Nigo of BAPE did to his…