Journal: 5 Instagrammers Who Always Shoot Classics With Style

5 Instagrammers Who Always Shoot Classics With Style

By Michael Banovsky
November 18, 2015

With the world’s best photographers and creative minds all seemingly on Instagram, it’s quickly apparent which are able to consistently capture remarkable images—and who among them are cultivating a unique look.

This week, improve your feed and follow  designers and photographers with an often different take on the car world. 

With a day job spent capturing rare classics and auction cars for the likes of RM Sotheby’s, @robinadamsphoto always seems to get invited to places we can only dream about visiting. 

Like exotics? Want to see them actually driving around on the road? @alexpenfold is your guy. 

Jonathan Szczupak is a design manager at Ford, and spends his time traveling the world, and thankfully for us, photographing the beautiful machines and scenes he encounters along the way 

After you head over to support Piotr Degler’s latest project on the cars of Cuba, take a moment to follow him on Instagram–there’s never a bad shot. 

Frank Stephenson designs McLarens. And boats. And…well, let’s just say that he is always traveling, and always sharing something interesting. Highly recommended! 

You follow us, don’t you? Well, here’s a taste of what we’ve been posting…

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Tatiana Noel
Tatiana Noel(@fb_22606633)
6 years ago

Can’t forget the fantastic mix of original and shared content from @benzingarage.

6 years ago
Kevin Von Campenhout
Kevin Von Campenhout(@fb_10207045975000060)
6 years ago

You forgot to talk about mine : .vanc 🙁

José Fernando Reyes Escalante
José Fernando Reyes Escalante(@fb_10208464919206484)
6 years ago

No worries, bro. I follow you know. Great work!