Journal: 5 Instagrammers Who Live For The Open Road

5 Instagrammers Who Live For The Open Road

By Petrolicious Productions
November 25, 2015

Cars, cars, cars. So many, and so little time—but following these Instagrammers will definitely perk up your Instagram feed. From race cars to remote locations, here are five photographers who somehow keep sharing new and compelling photos pretty much every day.

Focused mostly on the sportier end of the classic car world, @boristhebladephotos is our favorite Instagram account about cars that’s named after a character in the movie Snatch. (At least we hope it is.)

Irish-photographer Killian O’Neill’s feed is always filled with something new, lately it’s been a number of new Audis. Scroll a bit, however, and it’s classic car central…

A while back, commenter stp suggested we feature @puppyknuckles, so here it is. Awesome shots.

There’s little consistency with @theroadlessdriven, but we’re not complaining—from street-parked Honda CRXs to out-in-the-middle-of-nowhere BMWs, it’s a great mix of photography.

Their profile says it all: “Curators of evocative automotive photography. Soon to be a limited print magazine.” Sounds like a project worth following, no? 

You follow us, don’t you? Yeah? Well, here are some of our latest posts.

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Didier Dohmen
Didier Dohmen
8 years ago

Great pictures guys!

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