Journal: 5 Automotive Instagrammers Who Will Show You Something New

5 Automotive Instagrammers Who Will Show You Something New

By Petrolicious Productions
October 27, 2015

Vehicles will take you pretty much anywhere, and this week, we feature five Instagram accounts that are highlighting a unique part of the car world. So whether it’s freezing mid-race action at a Formula 1 event or highlighting what it means to leave everything behind and head out on a life-altering journey, the photography here is exceptional. In short: follow these accounts, and you’ll soon have a new perspective from which to see the world.

This Vancouver, BC, Canada couple sold everything and moved into an old Toyota, which they are now cruising around South America in. And if we scroll through their feed enough, we start looking for similar trucks on Craigslist…

José Mário Dias is a fantastic motorsport photographer, with a knack for capturing rarely-seen angles of race cars, drivers, and tracks. Even his shots make Nascar look more romantic. 

At just 16, perhaps it’s a bit early to laud this young Irish photographer, but it’s nice to see what catches the eye of a future enthusiast. Did I mention he’s also restoring a Ford XR2? 

Kevin lives in Texas, makes Seinfeld emoji in his spare time, and is one of those photographers talented enough to only use his iPhone when capturing shots for Instagram. Not bad at all.

RWB-tuned Porsches, lowered Audis, the Ford GTX1…When people have interesting cars to shoot in New Orleans and L.A., they often call Charlie. 

You follow us, don’t you? Well, here’s a taste of what we’ve been posting this week…

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