Journal: 5 Instagrammers Worth Following, April 14th Edition

5 Instagrammers Worth Following, April 14th Edition

By Alex Sobran
April 14, 2017

Regardless of what the latest piece of scandalous or otherwise negative news may be this week, the Earth has obliged to spin us into another Friday, and that means at least part of your daily stuff influx will include some great automotive content from our weekly Instagram roundup. Each week aims to include quality content that hopefully provides a little bit of something different to your current scrolling roster, and if you’re feeling like a certain complement to your feed is missing, don’t be shy, give us something to hunt down.

McKlein Photography’s Instagram page is a hub of hubristic cars walking the walk. In short, there are some, excuse me, fucking awesome rally scenes to stare it. Walter Röhrl on Pikes Peak? Yup. The only BMW M1 rally car? Sure. Colin McRae literally kicking the ass of his Ford WRC Focus? Take a look. Its not worth your time reading these words when you can be looking at these photos, so get to it!

A few weeks back someone had mentioned an appetite for some different content, I think the person was looking for “B&W film shots of real life Americana done well.” Hopefully the work of Julianne Karr, or @sixjetplanes, will quench some of the thirst for gold old grain and contrast. Be warned, there is automotive content in here, but it’s not all vintage Italian or located in the most exotic of places, and it certainly isn’t the only subject matter to be found. If you’re looking for some great captures of some of America’s decay made beautiful though, you came to the right place in Jersey.

Felix Mockel is a lucky son of a something or other that gets to live nearby to the infamous Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps, and while we can all be envious of his location, at least the guy is making good use of it and sharing what he sees with the world. What he sees is worth seeing for yourself in person, but if a flight to Belgium isn’t in the immediate plans, then this account can help alleviate that longing feeling (or perhaps it will only make it worse). With a great eye for tight compositions that isolate and idolize the cars in frame, @fautomotive is a good account to poke around in.

Alexis Goure is a French photographer with a cross-border love affair with a German. There are some other marques peppered around his Instagram page, but a finger flick or two quickly reveals an infatuation with Porsches of every era. From 908/3s to the newest of the RSRs and GT 911s, the gang’s all here and looking their Sunday best thanks to some great work behind the camera from Alexis. Wherever you call home, take a little trip to Stuttgart with this account.

Aston Parrott is one of those experienced automotive photographers that makes every scene look like something heightened by an illegal substance. Crisp details, vibrant rolling shots, and beautifully alien landscapes populate a feed that’s nothing short of enthralling. The scope of subjects is wide enough to consume hours of anyone’s time, so why not put off whatever you were going to do for a few more minutes?

If you’re browsing Instagram and also for a new classic or noteworthy vehicle, why not combine the two? The Petrolicious Marketplace is just here to help. We understand what you’re going through and have the utmost sympathy.

And if you’re just looking for more of the visual content you’ve come to expect from Petrolicious, our account is just littered with the stuff.

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