Journal: 5 Instagrammers Worth Following, April 7th Edition

5 Instagrammers Worth Following, April 7th Edition

By Alex Sobran
April 7, 2017

With another week in the books and another weekend (hopefully) full of cars visible on Friday’s horizon, here are the 5 Instagram accounts that have helped us stay fully connected to the cars we love whether or not we’re privileged enough to be around them physically. At times the incessant interconnectedness caused by the internet can seem pointlessly overwhelming—and when it comes to many of our preferred procrastinations this is likely very much true—but it also makes all of the connections that are actually worthwhile, possible. So yeah, maybe it’s nice to turn off your phone for a day or two, but when you come back to the modern world, we’ve got you covered.

Logan LeGrand’s photography’s mainstay, at least according to his Instagram feed, is in the panning shot. As anyone who’s ever dabbled with a non-disposable camera eventually realizes, there is a certain satisfaction gleaned from a successful pan. And if you’re looking for inspiration for your next racing photography session, this page is as fine a starting place as any. Unafraid to get a little funky with his focus and framing, Logan’s photos achieve what so many strive for, a true sensation of motion. While the naked eye can’t register these kinds of images in the moment, there is another dimension of realism at play; they may not look like what you can see from the grandstands, but they go a long way toward replicating the feeling of being there.

To scroll through Ricardo Santos’ page is to be offered a peek into the process behind his gorgeous design portfolio. You may have seen a selection of his work on the always appetizing Group B hero cars in our shop, but this is a busy artist that has a lot more to share. Beyond just being treated to the final products of his work though, there’s some great windows into the behind the scenes stuff too. So if you’ve ever wondered about what goes into making the kinds of saturated, pop-art-like prints of people like Ricardo Santos, or if you just want to see some really cool automotive artwork, check this space.

The pair of photographers Sebastian Sieberg and Sebastian Zimmermann, otherwise known as—with less letters, but no less of a mouthful to say—SSSZ Photo, are some genuine talents with a camera. A lot of people can go out and buy a DSLR and Lightroom subscription though, and that’s not to say that that combo can’t result in some great shots, but these guys have what I can’t help but call an eye for this. The way they compose their shots is always thoughtfully done, and every other element also does its share to produce scenes that always just seem perfect for the subject matter. These aren’t great photos of cars, these are just great photos.

Bernardo Lúcio doesn’t populate his feed with solely automotive work, and if you take a look inside you’ll understand why he shouldn’t be blamed for this. Serving up a bright and creatively shot selection of cars, motorcycles, architecture, interior design, and anything else that Bernardo feels like pointing his camera toward, the resulting mix is like a bright and lively quilt of aesthetic bliss.

Sometimes I come across an Instagram account that captures an aura that’s strung through every photo to an extent that the whole collection seems almost like one big piece of work. Rob Overy is one such photographer whose Instagram account seems more like a full coherent art gallery than it does the typical mish-mash of photos that comprise so many pages.

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Paul Thompson
Paul Thompson
7 years ago

I’m sure that Rob chap has been on before…

7 years ago
Reply to  Paul Thompson

Personally I gave up trying to keep track or pay attention to these for the most part .

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