Journal: 5 Instagrammers Worth Following August 18 Edition

5 Instagrammers Worth Following August 18 Edition

By Michael Banovsky
August 18, 2016

Ever stumble upon an account on Instagram, look at the follower count, and wonder, “Why aren’t more people aware of this photographer?” This week’s roundup should hopefully fix that—these accounts are some of the most engaging we’ve been able to find.

When we were compiling Petra Sagnak’s overhead shots for an article, we noticed that her Instagram was still in the early stages of growth. With a ton of beautiful classic car images to “Like” and a follower count just above 150 as of this writing, it’s time she had some more attention there.

“Alp like the Mountains,” Alp Tigli’s Instagram states, which would have also been the perfect place to photograph the customized Porsche 911 we recently featured.

Photographer and filmmaker David Zu Elfe is one of those creative types that’s nailed a very distinct and memorable style, a style that shines through his Instagram feed.

Focusing on events in Germany and across Europe, Oliver Selzer’s photography is, yes, another case that deserves more attention. His recent shots from the Nürburgring are fantastic, and gives a unique look at what you can expect during a summer visit.

Designers of vehicles by day, some great apparel and art by night, our friends at Curb are currently in Monterey and posting their travels for the rest of us to enjoy.

It’s Monterey Car Week, and we’re there—it’s the best place to keep up with everything awesome that’ll happen through the weekend.

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Martin Philippo
Martin Philippo
7 years ago

Petra Sagnac is just brilliant. I’ve been keeping an eye on her work for some time already.
Her photographs breathe vintage atmosphere.

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