Journal: 5 Instagrammers Worth Following: August 18th Edition

5 Instagrammers Worth Following: August 18th Edition

By Alex Sobran
August 18, 2017

If you follow vintage car-focused Instagram accounts (a safe bet if you’re reading this), they’re probably already filling your content stream with photos from Monterey Car Week, and what follows in the weeks afterwards is a lot of recycled content being shared and reposted and downright stolen. If you’re looking for some accounts that feature quality work and won’t be posting the same things as everyone else, there are five accounts below that you should take a look at to keep your feed fresh.

Paul Thompson’s Instagram page, @valvebounce, has a name that might strike fear into the hearts of those with expensive engine rebuilds in their past or imminent future, but the lovely photos on his page should help distract you from those worries. With heaps of different sorts of cars to ogle—from hot rods to the Cinquecentos, 5-Series to E-Types—the page has more than enough on the content side to occupy your bandwidth, and on top of the overall level of quality present on this page, the black and white photography stands out as especially deft and puts the focus on his use of light and space more prominently than in the color shots.

If you think the Nürburgring is an interesting place, and if you think the cars it attracts possess a special aura about them too, then Tom Luhrmann has a portfolio of photography that deserves your attention too. It’s not as if he only shoots through the retaining walls of the Nordschleife, but a cursory scroll through his Instagram account reveals a lot of German cars on a certain German racetrack. With Carrera GTSes sharing virtual space with VW Buses and everything else that fits in between, his photos could function collectively as a field guide to the various vintage car scenes in the country, but he travels outside of Germany pretty frequently too by the looks of things.

I have a hard time pronouncing Laszlo Szilagyi’s last name (and I’m sure I’m still getting it wrong), but it was a simple decision to include his page in this week’s group. A lot of photographers can produce pretty photos (and nowadays so can people with smartphones and a decent sense of composition) without ever really nailing down a distinct look; the results are technically adept and “good” in any definable sense, but an entire body of work can sometimes be difficult to ascribe to a single photographer if they don’t have any sort of trademark look that underlies their shots. Laszlo does though, so let his warm, inviting-sunset style inspire your next early-evening drive.

Arnaud Taquet is on another plane of skill than even other pro commercial automotive photographers, and thankfully for us he also steps away from the brand-new stuff to shoot and share some of the classics Petrolicious was built to celebrate. The lighting is otherworldly in the best sense of the term and the locations are the sort that challenge our notions of what a perfect driving road might look like, but it’s the level of polish and the kind of post-processing mastery that takes years to get right that really elevate these shots above other talented photographers.

The name might induce some eye rolls, but once you peruse the photos in Sascha Hoecker’s @torqueaboutit account you’ll soon see that it’s pretty serious stuff. It’s not one of these bottomless pages that can zap hours of your time away as you dig through the photo troves in search of the end/start, but this page is less than a month old, and given the obvious evidence that Sascha’s spent far more time than that with a camera in his hands, I would expect him to post some of his already-completed photo projects along with whatever he’s up to currently. I hope this is the case anyway, because more of what’s here already would be a welcome addition to any feed.

Petrolicious will be bringing you the best of the best from Car Week, and of course once the party in Monterey packs up for the year we’ll still be churning out the same quality imagery from our staff and contributors.

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