Journal: 5 Instagrammers Worth Following: December 15th Edition

5 Instagrammers Worth Following: December 15th Edition

By Alex Sobran
December 15, 2017

This week’s group of Instagrammers has a lot to offer. I’ve probably said something to similar effect in every installment prior to this one, but I don’t think that means it’s any less true. It just means there are almost too many high-quality accounts to choose from each time.

And while it’s true that there are droves of talented vintage car photographers that we’ve yet to feature here, and also that these are the accounts we predominantly look for, there is still some room for the “less aesthetically accomplished” ones (to pussyfoot around the issue), but only if they offer something that the prettier profiles don’t. In the case of this list, there’s a whole bunch of the typical pro-level shots, but there’s also a fascinating collection of mostly low-res snapshots for classic Ferrari geeks to sink their teeth into. Anyway, here’s our five favorites from the past week:

Kevin Van Campenhout falls squarely in the pro category of car snappers, and his shoots along the canals and cobbled streets of Paris are top-level swoon material. He travels around the rest of continental Europe and abroad too, but besides the general quality on display here the real reason to follow is for the classic supercars exploring the City of Light. Iconic landmarks from centuries ago mix with Porsche 959s while CLK GTRs hide out among the modern glass and steel structures—you can schedule your next few daydreams ahead of time after a few minutes poking around this portfolio.

Andreas Birner has crafted a nice little repository of information for Ferrari nerds on Instagram, and though the old photos aren’t special from a purely visual standpoint, almost all of the included captions are goldmines of information about specific chassis numbers, along with the kind of anecdotal information that even top-dollar modern photoshoots can’t replicate.

Bengt Kolnes on the other hand, features almost exclusively BMW, and even then it’s just two cars for the most part. That said, sometimes you don’t want a page full of all the same staples of the classic car world shot from a slightly different angle. This account is more like a diary of long-term ownership, with Bengt stopping every so often to take a new portrait of his slightly-souped BMW E9 and E23 as they make their travels up and down the coast of California. If you like the idea of a Sharknose silhouetted in a Pacific sunset, this is the gallery to start with.

Patrick Ernzen operates a full-fledged auto photo business out of Arizona, aptly named Desert Motors. And like the stark horizon of the locale, his photographs take on a similar quality: they all have a sense of vast space, and the sparse backgrounds and wide openness of the place work to make the cars stand out that much more. The composition is unique in its wide, almost panoramic dimensions, and the use of light and shadow to frame the cars among all the empty space is a nice recurring theme. To sum it up, everything you’ll find in here feels fresh, even if it’s coming from the empty heat of the American southwest.

Chris Talentfrei doesn’t take photos of rare Patek Philippe watches and other multi-million-dollar timepieces, but his personal collection is a very handsome set that includes a few chronographs and plenty of Seiko products. The watches are all lookers in their own right, and mixed with a nice macro lens and lots of bokeh the overall image takes on a catalog-like quality in the best sense of the term.

One of the best things about working for Petrolicious is the like-minded people you meet along the way, and a lot of our friends happen to be excellent photographers in addition to car enthusiasts. We share plenty of our own shots on our official Instagram page, but we love sharing too.

Stopped in to the Petrolicious Marketplace lately? We’ll be consistently adding new cars throughout the winter months, so check out the latest arrivals if not for the galleries alone.

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