Journal: 5 Instagrammers Worth Following December 2nd Edition

5 Instagrammers Worth Following December 2nd Edition

By Ted Gushue
December 2, 2016

Each week we spend about 138 hours in total swiping up and down with our thumbs until something beautiful happens or our girlfriends get mad. Luckily for them, our feeds are 99% automotive at this point. With a few notable exceptions.

Exactly what it sounds like. Just make sure you have a spare shirt or some sort of napkin set up for all the drool.

We just hosted a panel discussion with our friends at Aether, featuring 3 automotive designers that break the mold. @SingerVehicleDesign, @ICON4x4 and @RodEmory. We hosted it out of their stunning La Brea outpost, which if we’re being frank we had to be kicked out of afterwards. There. Is. Just. So. Much. Excellent. Gear.

Josh reached out over email just the other day to see if we’d be keen to start working together on a few photographic projects. Three swipes of his feed later and the answer was a resounding “obviously.”

Our Editorial Director Ted Gushue spent thanksgiving with Todd Blubaugh who’d just recently finished publishing his first book, Too Far Gone: – Take a look at the journey he’s been on this past year and change. It’s pretty remarkable what one man can see in America on his motorcycle.

Chris Gonzalez is the unsung hero of Petrolicious. Day in and day out he busts his butt to manage our backend and keep the Petrolicious Shop running like a well tuned German engine. He dabbles in automotive photography on the side as well.

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