Journal: 5 Instagrammers Worth Following, December 9th Edition

5 Instagrammers Worth Following, December 9th Edition

By Ted Gushue
December 9, 2016

Your feed needs watering, we’re here to help. Here are 5 accounts that have caught our attention this week.

Two German Petrolheads that are never not shooting. These guys have been on our radar for a little while, but it’s high time they got on yours.

We profiled Thomas Lundt’s incredible 2.7RS restoration a few months ago and they’ve just started spooling up their instagram. LundtAuto Sportwagenservice works on some of the rarest Porsches in the world just outside of Berlin. Worth keeping an eye on what they have up their sleeves.

German only, gorgeous images. The work of Stefan Bogner is a continual inspiration for us at Petrolicious. The only crime is that he doesn’t work for us.

Owner of Black Swan Racing, twice winner of the Rolex 24 Hours Of Daytona, Tim has an incredible collection that we’ve been profiling for a while.

We don’t know much about these guys but this bike they’ve just unleashed is truly a work of art. Keep an eye on them.

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7 years ago

I would take a Confederate over this Vanguard. And they are more realistic in their pricing as well.

I swear, there are more photos of Porsches on Instagram than in real life.

Guitar Slinger
Guitar Slinger
7 years ago

Ahem .. err … hate to burst your bubble on this one in particular Ted … but ahhh … Vanguard MC’s is the ultimate in S&S BS pretense in the guise of a production bike that’ll never come within a 100 miles of the estimated price tag . What they’re claiming is either way too low or the bike is built out of substandard garbage … cause if’n you knows anything about boutique production bikes … and I does … you know’s 30K aint even gonna cover the cost of marketing … never mind manufacturing , distribution and sales . So nope Ted … this’n destined to be relegated to the InstaFamous / InstaBroke bin … with a whole lotta folks .. investors , customers etc getting hurt big time along the way

Ted Gushue
7 years ago
Reply to  Guitar Slinger

Ugh, really bums me out. It’s so sick looking.

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