Journal: 5 Instagrammers Worth Following Feb 18 Edition

5 Instagrammers Worth Following Feb 18 Edition

By Michael Banovsky
February 17, 2016

From perfectly-composed photos to street shots taken with analogue film—we’ll get to that in a minute—Instagram’s legion of photographers are constantly finding new ways to enjoy, appreciate, capture, and share beautiful images.

When you’re posting to Instagram, don’t forget to include the hashtag #drivetastefully—it’s always nice to see what our readers are up to.

The kind-of-annoying thing about Marcus’ work is that you’ll often see a photo of his on Instagram and feel intense pangs of envy. Race Citroën rally cars? Off-road Porsche 911s? Trans-Am Audis? Yeah…

Morgan’s work—which we found via the #drivetastefully tag—is all about architecture and cars. You’ll immediately be drawn in by his stunning shots of various buildings…and the times he’s able to sneak in a BMW 2002 or Citroën SM.

@analogcarsonfilm’s style is simple, and predictable…and to me, really neat. Yeah, side profile shots are everywhere, but this account’s attraction is that they’ve all been taken with a Mamiya medium format camera, with Fuji 220 film.

Shayan is Director of Product here at Petrolicious, and when he’s not out pounding L.A. streets in his E46 BMW M3, he’s driving classic Alfa Romeos, visiting classic car shows, and living the enthusiast life.

Follow commercial photographer Nigel Harniman to see both the behind-the-scenes action that happens when an automaker is about to release a new model—and what the finished shot looks like. Oh, there are classics, and cool cars, and travel, and…

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