Articles: 5 Instagrammers Worth Following, February 10th Edition

5 Instagrammers Worth Following, February 10th Edition

By Alex Sobran
February 10, 2017

In case you’re feed isn’t already overstuffed with automotive drool stimulants, we’ve rounded up a few more accounts that might at least round out the diversity of which cars you see during your multiple daily fixes. Features this week include some wildly detailed dioramas from Japan, Porsche’s most badass racing efforts during the 1970s, a broad view into California’s various car scenes, a classic off-roading enthusiast with incredible talent behind the lens, and an injection of “don’t try this at home” vintage rally photos.

Able to seemingly render any tableau, Takuji’s dioramas range from Italian convertibles baking in the Mediterranean sun, to tucked-away Japanese garages where Hakosuka Skylines receive engine transplants, to Group B’s famous flamethrowers, @takupon0816 is worth a follow if the thought of these shrunken scenes rendered in stunning, double-take detail appeals to your hobbyist side.

If you enjoy the era of racing when power trumped aero, then the Porsche 934+935 need no introduction. @hit_send has accumulated a smattering of memories of these legendary monsters, and better yet, he actually has first-hand, in-period experience with this stuff. His feed is like a free history book on arguably some of Porsche’s most radical racing cars.

@leftcoastcars seems to record everything that goes on in the SoCal car scene, and the documentation of his travels always provides a virtual front row seat to all kinds of great cars, shows, auctions, you name it. It’s heavy on the German, but as the above indicates, also not afraid to notice any and everything significant in the automotive landscape.

If you’re one of the hikers following the rapid ascent of popularity in the classic off-roading scene, @ericalexanderwillis should provide a fresh injection to the artistic side of things in that realm. Based in Oregon, expect to see some terrific photography of the best of rocky evergreen-needled terrain with the occasional inclusion of an FJ, Landcruiser, all that good stuff.

It’s hard not to marvel at the dangerous days of rallying’s most daring drivers and cars so powerful that they brought on their banishment from the sport. If you don’t mind some lo-fi in your feed, @hands_on_the_wheel will provide you with all you need on the vintage rally front, plus the periodic foray into some circuit racing photos from the heydays of the eras of Ferrari 250 GTOs and Porsche 917s.





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