Journal: 5 Instagrammers Worth Following, February 17th Edition

5 Instagrammers Worth Following, February 17th Edition

By Alex Sobran
February 17, 2017

You know the deal: Friday’s here and we’ve corralled 5 more great Instagram accounts for you to scroll through at work next week. Great photographers pointing lenses at cool cars is the standard dosage of course, but this specific injection leans toward the motorsport side of the vintage car spectrum. If liveries aren’t your thing though, fear not for these accounts should also satiate your need for mono-colored concours-level metal as well.

You may have seen the work of @marc.tran in this week’s Alpine piece, but to assume he’s limited to the French brand is to miss out on everything else. Offering a view into his photography skills, design work, and travel, this account provides an array of exceptionally pleasing aesthetics to easily get lost in.

If you enjoy vintage racing cars that did their duty both on and off the tarmac, @adellenbach_photography has you covered and then some, especially if you like seeing this stuff in action.

@thepaddockofficial shares a look at some of Germany’s best vintage street and race cars. Combining his own contemporary shots of these cars with the occasional vintage photos and ads, this account gives a great cumulative history of these teutonic machines.

Dave Adams shoots gorgeous cars, well, gorgeously. Redundant, yes, and obvious if you can see the above sampling of his account. @daveadams_daai seems to have a propensity for the ’50s-’70s, and captures a good deal of these eras’ cars in motion, as well as sitting still looking pretty for his camera.

Do you like Porsche? So does @neunelfers, and he isn’t afraid to delve into all aspects of the brand: street cars, race cars, new ones, old ones, front-engined, rear-engined, you get the idea. Definitely check this one out if you haven’t already.

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7 years ago

Hey look, more Porsches!

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