Journal: 5 Instagrammers Worth Following, February 24th Edition

5 Instagrammers Worth Following, February 24th Edition

By Alex Sobran
February 24, 2017

If there aren’t any car events near you this weekend, hopefully this week’s roundup can alleviate some of the longing. With four studi0-quality pros and a guy in Japan who posts a great mix of truly rare metal (and fiberglass), I think there’s a productivity-killing amount of good stuff to check out between these accounts.

@simonclaycarsnapper shoots a wide breadth of vintage cars in a ton of great settings—not hundreds of photos made up from one or two big yearly events—so there’s both a lot to look at by number and by type. Ferraris in the mountains, Jaguars in the barn, I’m guessing you’ll find something to like in here.

Moving back and forth between commercial-grade shots and what I think the trendy title “slices of life” refers to, @degler_studio is sort of like two separate photographers, and both of them have some cool stuff to show you. American boats on the streets of Cuba or modern concept cars, you can find it here.

@mauricevolmeyer does this for a living, and it’s pretty easy to see why. Is there really all that much more to say? You should be looking at the photos by now anyway.

Too many Porsches? (It’s just one of the two images above, you’ll survive.) To think that’s all there is to see here would be a bummer because @naito_so shares a pretty wide variety worth wading through. The background of Japanese streets also offers a nice little contrast to the classic backdrops of Europe or race tracks. 

That’s not to say we all don’t enjoy those types of shots though, and @riccardo_carbone takes some of the best you’re likely to find. Variety is a(n) (attempted) theme of these account roundups, and if you click in to this one you’ll see great cars, architecture, watches, and more. 

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7 years ago

Hooray! Variety of the non German type!

You are still missing some amazing stuff out there by selecting only photos of the big flashy stuff. How about B&W film shots of real life Americana done well? Have you scrolled through @prestontakespictures?

7 years ago

Nice selection, Alex — quality shots with diverse subjects and viewpoints will always be worth checking out.

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