Journal: 5 Instagrammers Worth Following: January 12th Edition

5 Instagrammers Worth Following: January 12th Edition

By Alex Sobran
January 12, 2018

Another (business) week in books means another Instagram roundup to inspire your weekend, and if the snow and salt are keeping your cars indoors for the time being, hopefully some of these photos will take your mind off of the weather and spark some plans for the first drives of spring. Getting right to it, here are the accounts we loved this week:

Henry Wood’s Instagram bio informs us that he is “sometimes a photographer.” I’m not sure what else he’s up to, but whenever he does decide to pick up the camera he points it at some pretty exotic bits of kit, and he knows how to make the world of supercars appear that much more intriguing. I could care just the tiniest bits less about Paganis parked outside diamond stores by people who can’t operate a clutch, but there are plenty of vintage cars to be found in his feed alongside the slick modern stuff. Whatever it is, wherever it is, Henry captures these cars with expert compositions and a vibrant array of colors that are just a bit juicier than you’d see with the naked eye.

Yan Denes doesn’t appear to be any more talented with a camera than the average person with a cell phone, but he has another means of rendering the beautiful cars he comes across, and his artwork has a unique look even if almost all the cars he draws wear the emblems of Ferrari. At once capturing a kind of soft-focus dream-like quality in his work, there’s also an element of photorealism in a few of the pieces, and at other times it appears like a high-contrast comic book artist’s interpretation of a Colombo V12. If you appreciate the time that goes into each of these creations and happen to be a fan of Scuderia Ferrari as well, take a look at Yan’s completed pieces and works in progress.

Tom Gidden produces video alongside the still photography that makes up the majority of his Instagram feed, and it’s kind of hard to pick which to look at, seeing as one frame will feature a 962 driving along French public roads while the next post you land on might be a clip of a works Lancia 037 for a film he’s working on. The point is, it’s full of the stuff we love to look at, and as a welcome supplement to the polished/finished work, there’s also a few glimpses behind the scenes to remind you of the work and the gear that goes into productions of this quality.

Giannis Kokkas has a sublimely rich look to his portfolio. It’s tough to carve out a distinctive look for your photos without going too far into Photoshop, and even very well-edited shots can leave you feeling a bit cheated once they take on that alien quality of “too much.” Giannis avoids that while still creating images that clearly didn’t come straight from the camera. His style is kind of darkly colorful, but it’s never dim and it’s never oversaturated either. He says he has a passion for beauty and cars, so you’ll find more than just some pretty machinery on his page in the form of his portrait and other model work.

Luis Lima, based in Lisbon, Portugal, is in our fifth spot this week for his otherworldly views of Portugal and elsewhere. Primarily coming from his home country, the photos shared on his Instagram page are an exploration of color just as much as they are of a place. Almost everything is presented in blues and oranges, whether or not it’s a coastline, a ferris wheel, or a random leaf-strewn street. Besides the interesting tones, the content itself is also split in two in a way, with modern skyscrapers and shabby cabins filling one side while the natural land and seascapes paint the other half of Portugal.

In addition to creating these roundups and reposting what our friends are up to, we love interacting with our followers on the official Petrolicious Instagram page, so stop by and see what’s new from time to time.

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nolan faulkner
3 years ago

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