Journal: 5 Instagrammers Worth Following June 2 Edition

5 Instagrammers Worth Following June 2 Edition

By Petrolicious Productions
June 1, 2016

It’s another week, and another reminder that classic car “season” has kicked into overdrive. Now that Italy’s Mille Miglia is over, Le Mans Classic in France is about to begin, and then Goodwood in the UK. With both larger and smaller events dotting our calendar for the next few months, there’s almost too much happening. Almost.

This week, we’ve shared a few of our colleagues, friends, and peers. Follow them over the coming months as they share updates through this summer.

Thomas is, among other gigs, the in-house photographer for Deus Ex Machina—so you can safely assume there’s many more machines where these two frames came from.

Tim Scott has been traveling Europe, and recently submitted beautiful work for Petrolicious from Villa d’Este—with much more to come. Until then, keep an eye on his Instagram for what’s coming up.

Our friend Michael says he’s always “wondering, wandering, pondering, squandering”—we can’t comment on any of that, all we can say is his photos are great…

The founder of Hodinkee, what else did you expect Ben’s feed to feature but a lot of watches, food, travel, and great cars?

We’ve featured @photosbyteej before, but since he’s in our Shop now and also up to some awesome new projects, it’s a good time to recommend you scroll through his feed.

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8 years ago

Two weeks in a row you have published re-submissions? You cannot find 5 new ones?

8 years ago

Great choice on Teej (TJ). Very nice guy with a great eye for composition (not just crops), color and light. Scroll through his shots and enjoy.

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