Journal: 5 Instagrammers Worth Following: March 16th Edition

5 Instagrammers Worth Following: March 16th Edition

By Alex Sobran
March 16, 2018

It’s been a minute since we’ve had an Instagram roundup, but that doesn’t mean the population of automotive photographers has been idle all this time. With the Goodwood Members’ Meeting this weekend signaling warmer weather just around the corner and a summer full of classic car revelry, it felt like an appropriate time to gather a few more accounts to keep an eye on as the calendar shifts towards sunnier days and hibernations come to their conclusions. Here are our recent favorites:

We recently featured an article from Armando Musotto, and the photoshoot that accompanied his ride through Sicily in a Lancia Delta Integrale does justice to the subject matter. All of his work features the same rich colorization, and though his portfolio leans toward the darker side of the spectrum, it’s not a simple matter of someone crushing the blacks and calling it a day. The depth is preserved in Armando’s frames, and if you’re easily swayed by the charms of vintage driving in Italy, this is a good profile to keep up with.

You might recognize the name Andrew Ritter from his involvement with Stanceworks, the Costa Mesa garage famed for their wild BMW builds and general enthusiasm for the art of hot-rodding. Through typeface and graphic design, photography, and 3D modeling, each piece of Andrew’s work is recognizable next to the others; in other words he’s consistent. That’s surely no synonym for boring though, and his latest work is some of the best yet; created from scratch, these cartooned cars are a novel way to illustrate the kinds of cars we’ve seen millions of times in photographs. I’d certainly buy a 3D-printed EVO II to stick next to my Hot Wheels…

Federico Delami is a young car enthusiast with a good eye from the Italian coastal city of Trieste, and while there’s many an Alfa on his Instagram page you’ll also find a great deal of cars that weren’t built in the boot country. Besides the curves of an Alpine or the hard-edged muscle of a Koenigsegg though, the reason to add this account to your feed is all about lighting. Pros with the right kits can turn any place into a studio, but Federico manages to turn even midday sun into something beautiful.

Hayley H. has been shooting for the Petrolicious Marketplace for some time now, and last year she paid a visit to Oklahoma to interview ex-BMW works driver Alf Gebhardt. The gallery and interview from that visit can be seen and read here, but you’ll want to check out her Instagram too, especially if you’re into oddly-colored 6-Series BMWs.

Laurent Nivalle occupies the fifth spot for this iteration, for while there’s a healthy serving of autos here, they’re joined by any number of street scenes, portraits, city- and landscapes, you name it. Everything has a slightly vintage tinge to it, and there’s a consistently cool temperature throughout his in-color photography that works to convey a sense of the past much better than any cheap reliance on sepia and haze. If you’re looking for a broader Instagram account to follow but want to keep some car roots, this is as good as it gets.

We’re always sharing our own and our friends’ photography on the official Petrolicious Instagram page, so if you’re still looking for great photographers to follow this is the place to poke around.

And have you stopped by the Marketplace for some virtual window shopping lately? Check out the above page to see what’s newly listed and what’s been sold on the Petrolicious Marketplace lately.

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I was hoping Ritter’s 935 was going to be a new character in the next ‘Cars’ movie!

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