Journal: 5 Instagrammers Worth Following, March 31st Edition

5 Instagrammers Worth Following, March 31st Edition

By Alex Sobran
March 31, 2017

Car season is well underway for most of us, what with the Goodwood Members’ Meeting unofficially kicking off another year of vintage racing—does anyone else feel old when the likes of McLaren F1s and Porsche GT1s are included in these events?—and the start of Formula 1 last week in Australia—it was a nice change to see a driver in a red nomex suit as opposed to the silver and teal of Mercedes standing in the middle of the podium.

So as the energy keeps building and plans to attend events both down the street and across your ocean of choice enter their final phase, here is another week’s roundup of Instagram accounts to hold you over until that race weekend or car show you’re looking forward to finally arrives.

With only a few seconds’ worth of account perusing, it’s pretty clear that Gaëtan Brunetti just loves cars. A lot of photographers this talented usually end up finding their niche, and while they produce fantastic images, it can get a little trite when the subject matter variety, well, doesn’t actually have all that much variety. This is not the case here. From sidways, gravel-gnashing rally heroes to the pinnacle of modern GT cars, it’s bound to be in here somewhere.

It’s tough to not envy the photographic products of a practiced pro, and when it comes to Darren Heath that clangs true more so than it rings. Pulling off the obviously-edited look with ease, the ultra-contrast and citrusy saturation works so well with his hyper modern subjects. As F1 season is now making us stay up or wake up at unholy hours to tune into the live feeds, give Darren’s page a peek during the commercials to see these amazing “cars” treated to the kind of photography that suits their essence as the wildest things on wheels.

Corbin Miranda’s photos have a distinct and honed aesthetic to them, and while his page is not the type that’s so flush with images you can’t seem to find the bottom, it’s worth checking out. Featuring custom modern classics as well as purebred vintage icons, the hazy style is employed to give these shots a sensation of otherworldliness that does justice to the machines in frame.

Chris Frays is a bonafide talent behind a camera, and though he doesn’t discriminate between the new and the old stuff, one thing is clear: this is a motorsport photographer. If you’re looking for concours lawns and blindingly shiny trim pieces, you’ve come to the wrong place as the only still vehicles are few and far between, and of course, in the pits. However, if you happen to get a kick out of seeing every era of racing cars out on the track where they were born to be, then this collection just might be the end of the rainbow.

Keith Ross points his lens towards quite a few cars that we’ll politely say are not “purist-approved,” but sometimes it’s worth checking out the wilder side of the street. If RWB Porsches and lowriders are really that agonizing to you though, there are a few lifelines of the closer-to-stock variety. Keith’s personal car makes this account deserving of a follow alone though, because, and I can only speak for myself here, his battleship-grey Z is one of the cleanest and meanest out there.

The Petrolicious Marketplace is the mall you really want to go shopping at this weekend, and voila, you can do it from your couch and everything. Bringing you the most unique, preserved, and infamous (check out the Dean Jeffries 356 for instance) of the vintage auto world, this is the place to go when you’re looking for a tasteful addition to your lineup, or as a means of motivation to keep the school books open just a little bit longer.

Yes, we will be posting a pair of shots from the @petrolicious account each week. Thankfully, we have a vast and varied selection to select from, so whether you follow us already or not (in which case, what are you still doing reading this?!), there will be a nice duo at the end of each week’s roundup to quench your thirst Petroliciously.

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