Journal: 5 Instagrammers Worth Following, May 26th Edition

5 Instagrammers Worth Following, May 26th Edition

By Alex Sobran
May 26, 2017

While those of us in the United States have an extended Memorial Day weekend coming up, the typical duo of Saturday and Sunday still offers plenty of time for unrestricted automotive indulgence. After a largely stationary workweek spent looking at and thinking about cars, Friday arrives as a welcome gatekeeper to a weekend behind the wheel. Whether it’s a sweaty-palmed charge through the backroads with the radar detector set to full volume or an idyllic cruise to your favorite beauty spot for a photo session, having the free time to enjoy your (or others’) cars is a necessity—a restoration of sanity, if we’re being melodramatic.

But if you’re the kind of person who skips happy hour to catch some nice sunset lighting on a Friday evening, this feeling needs no explanation. You must be champing at the bit to clock out and strap in right about now, but if you can’t free that impulse just yet, here are some more Instagram accounts to to hold you over, or better yet, provide some inspiration. Then again, perhaps these photos will only make the waiting wholly unbearable. If your willpower is weak, it may be best to avoid the photographers below, but if you can’t sate that desire to blanket your life with cars, dig into these five  pages that are positively teeming with them.

I try to gather up a mixture of professional and amateur photographers each week, and Mark Riccioni’s portfolio plants him squarely on the side of the former. It doesn’t take much poking around to understand that a lot of long drives and flights take place between these frames, and the resulting mix of the locations and people and niches that make up the car world’s vast quilt makes it hard to imagine that just one person is taking all of these photos. It should come as no surprise that Mark works for a media company providing work for big-time manufacturers, as his is one of those portfolios that’s so well put-together that it can either inspire or discourage anyone attempting to reach such a summit.

Alejandro Arretureta’s page is similarly stuffed with great images that can eat through hours of one’s time, but it is a markedly different feel. Featuring an aesthetic that is equal parts intriguing architecture and striking vehicles, and they often overlap. It’s a pretty natural pairing, as both disciplines of design that are faced with the challenge of existing in the practical world, and not—usually—for the sole sake of beauty. It is an impressive feat to retain the artistic elements in the face of things like physics, and often to a greater extent, safety sanctions. Alejandro manages to seek out and capture the best of both worlds though, and scrolling through his account is a cogent reminder that utility and beauty can inhabit the same object.

Andrew Ritter is one half of the team behind Stance Works, and if you’re familiar with either name you already know what to expect. With a clear appreciation for natural tones and innovative composition, this page feels more like a curated gallery than a photo feed on  your smartphone. Of course it’s a place replete with vintage cars of every tribe, but there are some inclusions of pieces of the wider world too, but be assured that all of it will be displayed with a welcome tinge of warmth and light. Come for the vibe, stay for the best panning shots you’re likely to find anywhere.

As much as I enjoy the work of consummate pros, and though I’ll likely never be bored by sports and racing cars, my favorite piece of these weekly roundups comes from finding accounts like @berlinvantasy. Up until a few days ago, I’d never realized my capacity for spending serious time looking at cell phone pictures of street-parked vans in Berlin. But van do I tell you, there’s something truly mesmerizing about an Instagram grid that’s entirely built from what is perhaps the least sporty passenger vehicle ever made. The repetitive rows and columns of profile shot after profile shot works extremely well here too: with the variable of composition stripped away almost entirely, the portfolio’s purpose is shifted entirely onto the differences between the subjects, and not on how they’re presented.

To round out this roundup we have Chris Harrell’s page, which offers up heaps of pulchritude in Porsche form. As the COO of 000 Magazine (that’s probably one bubbly-looking business card), it’s to be expected that he’d have the eye for captivating photography, and with his ubiquitous proximity to the best of the bunch, this is one of the tastiest slices of Stuttgart out there. Unafraid of the heavier side of editing, Chris’s photos range from black and whites with a noir-like look to vibrant spreads of the color wheel’s brightest, so while it’s practically all Porsche in here, it’s a mistake to think of this account as homogenous.

The Petrolicious Marketplace is consistently adding more tasteful avenues into vintage car ownership, and the latest, a Lancia Fulvia HF ‘Fanalone,’ continues the procession perfectly. From rotisserie restorations to accessible preservations, the cars in the Marketplace are all sterling examples of their breed.

If you’ve made it this far into the text you deserve a break, so why not check out the deluge of content on our own Instagram page? We’ll be keeping the valves wide open for you.

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Check my profile for all my user names. My Instagram has lots of German stuff and tons of cool cars.


Porsches. Lots and lots of Porsches.

Albert Heiles
Albert Heiles

Now for the big question. How does one make it on to this list?


Take pictures of German stuff. Specifically Porsche and you increase your chances