Journal: 5 Instagrammers Worth Following October 27 Edition

5 Instagrammers Worth Following October 27 Edition

By Michael Banovsky
October 27, 2016

Street-style photography, recreated vintage Grand Prix cars and delightful details: this week’s selection of Instagram accounts is one of the most diverse ever. It’s also not usual to have Petrolicious launch a new Instagram account, either, but our Marketplace is growing—with all of the latest stock finally available on your favorite social media app.

You can buy a car from Petrolicious. We also help anyone showcase interesting, noteworthy, and just plain awesome vintage classic cars—follow our Instagram feed to learn more and keep on top of what’s being offered.

Vintage cars…Argentina…what more do you need to know? Pur Sang Argentina actually builds older sporting cars, with its social media account here a great way to see what they’re up to.

There are more than a few people at our office utterly captivated by using Leica cameras—we just like seeing things at their best, OK? Ben is a Leica shooter who regularly posts his photos on Instagram, and the results speak for themselves.

L.A.-based photographer Shane Allen covers a lot of ground with his feed, but classic cars and documentary-style shoots are what he posts most often.

So it’s all details…so what? One of the great things about this account is how no matter how common the car is, the details picked manage to remain a bit unfamiliar.

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