Journal: 5 Instagrammers Worth Following October 6 Edition

5 Instagrammers Worth Following October 6 Edition

By Michael Banovsky
October 3, 2016

Where’s the best place to indulge your passion for vintage motoring? As these Instagram accounts can attest, the place doesn’t really matter—what’s important is to experience the sights, sounds, and feelings that go hand in hand with driving classic cars.

Germany? San Francisco? No matter—just get in and go.

Friend of Petrolicious David Zu Elfe is one of the most talented filmmakers we’ve worked with and without question a talented photographer as well. His Instagram feed may hint at what’s upcoming as far as some of our films go, too…

Classic BMWs? Check. Well-dressed youngsters? Check. Amazing Scenery? Check. Great photography…it’s here, isn’t it? Go follow @Pastel_Blau!

Mainly focused on covering the “traditional” car enthusiast’s buffet, sports cars and racing, @speed.matters has a knack for capturing the heat of the action—if it’s a Caterham 7 or city bus.

Equally at home shooting classic cars, people, scenery, or details, it’s not often you find a feed as wonderfully diverse as Petra Sagnak’s. Of course, she is a professional photographer with a knack for capturing different angles on the action at hand.

The subjects of one of our most-loved films ever, alpineLAB is where you go to indulge in your love for the Alpine A110…in whatever form that may take. From upcoming exhibitions to sales and restoration, it’s a place where these tiny composite French sports cars are honored as they should be.

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