Journal: 5 Instagrammers Worth Following: October 6th Edition

5 Instagrammers Worth Following: October 6th Edition

By Alex Sobran
October 6, 2017

Our perception of time stretches and compresses, with some weeks feeling like days and others like months, but the weekend is always too short. It’s a small space to stuff in all the stuff we want to do, and even if you aren’t on the typical working schedule, the end of the week is still the beginning of its best slice. Especially so when it comes to cars. With maintenance to catch up on, roads to explore, shows to attend, races to watch, people to meet, and everything else in between, Sunday nights are often spent thinking about what’s still left to do the next time Friday rolls around.

In order to prime the pumps so to speak, it’s our aim to provide the automotive and photographic inspiration that might help you decide between staying and going for a drive. Here’s to another weekend before winter—make the most of it! Do something with your car, even if it means driving the one you wish you had on your TV, or paying off speeding tickets, or even just opening the dark garage to take a peek at it in storage. While not all of us can live out the scenes from the photos below, remember that we are all linked by our love of cars, regardless of which form that takes.

Andrea Klainguti clearly enjoys shooting cars in action, outdoors, in the elements. Living in Switzerland will do that to you I suppose, what with all the surreal roads and the mountains they snake over, under, and through. The shots that make up his page are all touched with that crisp alpine vibe whether he’s out working under a bright sunny sky, or from within cover of fog that makes the sky low and the world small. Andreas attends motorsport and other events held closer to sea level too, and while those are great shots, it’s the work from high elevation that rises above the rest.

Greg Keysar has a keen eye for color. It’s there, it’s bright, it’s vibrant, but it’s never cloying. Nothing is oversaturated or untrue to reality. One approach to photography is to render scenes from life as they were remembered or felt rather than exactly as perceived, and I think Greg’s photos fit very well with this mindset, while also having the restraint to not overdo it. There is a certain pop to his shots that a human eye can’t come up with on its own, but they don’t stray too far. The overall impact then is just, pleasant. It’s not pleasant in the soft-focus photos of puppies kind of way, rather it’s just refreshing to see high-quality automotive photography that doesn’t rely on post-processing as a load-bearing crutch.

Stephan Bauer spends a lot of time around the sort of locales and locomotion that most of us only visit while asleep, and besides making everyone envious of his travels, he takes a mean picture. There is a lot of imagery from the more recent side of the car timeline, but among the Aventadors and all that jazz there is a healthy dose of classic content. From Cobras navigating the claustrophobic backroads of Italy to Pagani spaceships blasting down the California coastline, every car and location is presented in full force. The photos are dramatic, sharp, well-composed (and offer great variety in this regard), and almost all of them give me an urge to look at plane tickets I shouldn’t spend my rent money on.

Tom Horna’s Drive Classics page is right up our alley. The name explains what you’ll find inside, but I’ll do my best to elaborate. The first thing you’ll notice—apart from the bevy of vintage sweetness—is the consistency. You can take any single shot and compare to it any other one and instantly see the connection. It’s harder than it might look to achieve this kind of congruity, given how much the light can change day to day or even minute to minute in one location, let alone between places and seasons. And on the style itself, each frame has a nostalgic tone to it, but it isn’t just sepia or a warming up the white balance that does it. Instead it’s a great use of composition that hides almost all traces of modernity, along with a nice balance of natural earthy tones with the bold colors worn by racing and sports cars of a bygone age of brashness.

I’m not sure how to pronounce the name of this account, “atercervus,” but it sounds a lot like “at your service.” It’s kind of appropriate even if I’m almost certainly wrong, because browsing this travel photography page is like having a guide to show you what the world outside your laptop has to offer. It’s not as car-centric as most of the accounts we post on Fridays, but there are some cars peppered into the mix of sweeping natural landscapes and the hubs of culture we’ve built on them over time. Just a few seconds on this page should be enough to spark some wanderlust. Also, as proof that you don’t need a fancy camera to take some share-worthy photos, everything you see is shot with an iPhone.


Looking for more? The official Petrolicious Instagram page is always churning up the best photos and moments from the vintage car world at large, and between ourselves and our friends we’ll keep your feed stocked with good stuff.

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