Journal: 5 Instagrammers Worth Following: Petrolicious Staff Edition

5 Instagrammers Worth Following: Petrolicious Staff Edition

By Alex Sobran
July 28, 2017

This week we’re turning the focus (that’s the only photography anti-joke in here, I swear) inwards to show you what some of our own accounts are all about. Hint: it’s cars. There will be a “family and friends” post here and there of course, but as you can imagine, an automotive media company like this one tends to attract the kind of people who don’t separate work from the weekend. And when you get to be around cars like these, why would you?

Afshin Behnia’s account name, @Petrolista, is a great fit for the man behind Petrolicious, and for the photos that populate his feed. Indeed, our founder and CEO often finds himself in and around the kind of machinery that embodies the site’s ethos, and since he can handle a camera almost as well as the steering wheel of an Alfa Romeo, the shots he takes do justice to the cars. If you’re looking for some insight into the force behind everything we do, this isn’t a bad place to start.

Shayan Bokaie is our Director of Product. Yes, that title does sound like corporate vagueness, but aside from his management of our Marketplace, Shayan is also involved with developing other areas of the site as well as the broader user experience. He also knows how to take a damn nice photo. It seems like everyone in the office has at least some aptitude with camera, but he is past the point of just messing around with some settings in post-production. Plus, you might get a first look at future Marketplace offerings if you’re quick enough.

You all know our Editorial Director and Head of Business Development Ted Gushue by now I’m sure, and if not, you definitely know his photography. There are a lot of markers that distinguish amateurs from those who really know what they’re doing, and one that I think is an especially revealing tell is a consistency of style. Ted’s shots are distinct and easily recognized as coming from the same source, regardless of what he shoots, the time of day, or the location. If his galleries on the site aren’t enough, take a scroll through his Instagram for a nice supplement that’s frequently updated.

Chris Gonzalez runs the Petrolicious Shop among other responsibilities, and like all of us here, he has a certain affinity for vintage vehicles. I guess that’s to be expected, but to be surrounded at work with people that you can blabber to about cars all day is something I try to not take for granted. Chris never seems to become jaded though, and is always up for setting some early-AM alarms over the weekend to check out the constant goings-on in the LA car scene, and he comes back with some nice photos of these excursions to boot.

Andrew Golseth has been a staff writer at Petrolicious for a while now, and he is more than competent with a camera in addition to the pen (or keyboard, realistically). I particularly enjoy his mode of storytelling on Instagram; with pretty much everything he shoots, he picks three images from the full gallery to share on everyone’s favorite photo app, and the format, though simple, works very well for the platform. Beyond all this though, the core of it, the photos, are all unfailingly well-composed and edited with restraint to create a crisp, aesthetically-pleasing page.

You’ll see all of the above names popping up in the Petrolicious Instagram account, but we also love sharing photos and experiences from our friends from around the world, so check in whenever you’re automotive appetite speaks up; the buffet’s always open!

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6 years ago

Peptrolicious = automotive community popularity contest winner’s circle jerk.

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