Journal: 5 Instagrammers Worth Following September 15 Edition

5 Instagrammers Worth Following September 15 Edition

By Michael Banovsky
September 15, 2016

Activity around classic cars and enthusiastic motoring never goes away, it just spreads and finds a new home elsewhere. That’s fine by us—classic cars deserve to be enjoyed everywhere. From an immensely talented film director met during a recent trip to Asia to authors enthralled with interesting custom cars, here’s who we’ve followed this week.

We’ve really been enjoying @onofftrack’s mix of on- and off-track photography—and impressive access to some of the world’s most beautiful machines. Drives a Maserati Khamsin, which must be worth a few thousand style points.

When you’re in an unknown land and need to be led to the local haunts filled with enthusiasts, classic cars, and idyllic scenery, @tennster is exactly the sort of person you hope answers a call for help. The result? Sihabutr Xoomsai na Ayudthaya helped our editorial director experience parts of Thailand we’re still in awe over.

Founder of the ever-popular @TheOutlierman, Andrea Mazzuca always seems to be traveling and enjoying life, with classic cars, road trips, and his love for fashion never far from the frame.

For maximum ‘funk’, we recommend following our friend Maximilian, an editor, creative director, and creator of books like The Drive, which is entirely about custom cars.

You don’t need to know much more than the profile states: @journeesdautomne believes that “Fast motoring is a way of life”—and curates an Instagram feed to match.

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