Journal: 5 Instagrammers Worth Following September 29 Edition

5 Instagrammers Worth Following September 29 Edition

By Michael Banovsky
September 28, 2016

As the final weeks of moderate temperatures wind down and much of the Western world is plunged into conditions not at all hospitable to vintage cars, it’s definitely time to get out and capture the last days of summer. Today on our Instagram roundup, we’re featuring five great accounts that all manage to inspire us to take a final fall drive.

Based in Antwerp, Belgium, Maarten’s photos of classics running around Europe have been some of our favorites since he landed on our radar. Follow his stream to keep up on his latest adventures, or hop over to read his account of the recent Spa Six Hours for Petrolicious.

Andrew Maness is another photographer who’s been keeping things on point lately, with his account @theroadlessdriven being quite an accurate moniker for what you should expect to see in the future.

Nick Morfett and his team at Historika911 are, “Sellers, restorers, and racers of classic Porsches”—with an Instagram feed that’s both engaging and filled to the brim with sports cars from Stuttgart.

Following our recent travels to Thailand, we’ve been honored to be in contact with a group of enthusiasts we wouldn’t normally be able to. One of those is @oouvintage, who is generally busy enjoying life in Asia from behind the wheel of a finely-tuned Italian sports car or Porsche.

Our friends at The Outlierman believe in driving like a gentleman, every day. Inspired by classic cars and the journeys enthusiasts take in them, their lineup of motoring accessories is worth a browse—but so is their Instagram, where some of the more notable (and bespoke) pieces are featured. Yes, we’re also proud to offer their wares in the Petrolicious Shop.

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