Journal: 5 Instagrammers Worth Following: September 8th Edition

5 Instagrammers Worth Following: September 8th Edition

By Alex Sobran
September 8, 2017

Scrolling through Instagram is a multiple-times-daily activity for me and I’m guessing this is true for anyone reading this as well. I usually don’t think all that much while doing this, as the speed at which we move through the constantly updating stream of content is a bit too quick to stop on any one photograph and ponder it besides the instinctive “Oh, that’s nice,” every once in a while.

The app has brought us into a new age of exposure to photography, but it’s also sort of oxymoronic given how large it’s become. Without Instagram, talented photographers would have a much more limited audience and a far harder time reaching new ones, but because so many people are using it to find those who are able to appreciate their work, it turns into a massive pool of people which few viewers have the time or energy to explore beyond a half-second stop or a quick browsing of their actual page if they’re lucky. Here are five more accounts that deserve more than a passing glance.

Wabi Sabi Media’s page is a great place to spend some time if you’re a fan of motorsport photography. They do everything well, from covering drifting events to the top tiers of vintage racing, every shot on the page is a standalone example of their skills with a camera. There is a nice complement of static paddock shots to go along with the on-track stuff, and every once in a while there’s a diversion to a road car in a road car setting too. Whatever it is in frame though, count on it being a great photograph.

Adrian Mitu is an amazing painter to begin with, and his unique methodology behind the watercolors he’s known for elevates him even more. The fact that he paints all kinds of vintage race and road cars? That’s just a bonus. If you haven’t smelled it from here, those lovely earthy browns and oranges and beiges are the result of using coffee to create the basis for his pieces. It began with a spill and led to a signature style that I’ve not met a detractor of yet. And for good reason! Expect to see more of his work on our pages soon.

Andrés Pinzón has been covering some great cars and events and artists and all other manner of vintage automotive life in Colombia for us for some time now, and if you’ve missed his articles on the site, his active Instagram page offers a nice dose of the content he’s been digging up. His photos have a richness to them that others rarely achieve without overly saturating their colors, and even when it isn’t raining there’s a wet quality in the way he represents the lively classic car scenes in South America.

We likely won’t have any films or articles with a focus on dirt bikes and tourers anytime soon, but of course that’s just because of our focus and not a comment on their value. However, I think it’s appropriate to share underopenair’s Instagram account here because the photos it holds are just too good to not pass along to those who rarely venture into the two-wheeled off-road world. Besides the interesting compositions and dreamy look embodied in the tones of so many of these shots is the pure fact that it just looks like a ton of fun to be around this stuff.

Marcel Hundscheid’s Speed-O-Graphica page is another brilliant motorsport photography page like the one that kicked off this week’s list, but this is purely focused on vivid on-track action. He fills his frames with everything from modern GT to the past eras of Formula 1, and all of it is just plain pro. It’s a page that’s artistic yet one that doesn’t rely on strange close-ups or colorizations to create the compelling shots in here; it’s simply someone who knows how to capture speed in life and preserve the dynamism of it in a photograph. Get lost in here—it’s certainly easy enough!

We’ve come to the end once again: you know the drill! Want more? Check out the official Petrolicious page to find what you need to whittle away the rest of the Friday workday.

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Sean Koons
Sean Koons
1 year ago

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