Journal: 5 Supercar Instagrammers Who Know Exactly What They’re Doing

5 Supercar Instagrammers Who Know Exactly What They’re Doing

By Michael Banovsky
October 6, 2015

If smartphones and the internet existed in the ’50s, you know that enthusiasts would be sharing that era’s sports and “supercars”, models like the Maserati 3500 GT, Fiat 8V, and Jaguar D-Type. Today’s descendants of those legendary machines are everywhere, so to speak, thanks to the efforts of photographers like the ones here.

This week, we suggest you follow these modern-day supercar hunters, photographers who have a knack for finding the really good stuff. And don’t forget: if you see something interesting, tag it with #drivetastefully on Instagram so we’re able to share it!   

Jeremy Cliff goes pretty much everywhere in search of the perfect shot. With incredible composition and post-production techniques, it’s hard to find a more perfect look at the world’s best cars.

Being the in-house photographer for RM Sotheby’s means Darin is able to photograph some of the most incredible machines, and do so in a way that fits the style of each auction catalogue. It’s not easy to strike a balance between a photo exciting enough to grab someone’s attention and one that needs to depict the car in an honest way, and this is a behind the scenes look at what goes into shooting so many cars.

London-based photographer @gfwilliams recently shot a Morgan Three Wheeler. And a McLaren P1. And a Pagani Huayra. And…well, the list goes on, and on.

With a penchant for finding interesting street-parked machines, @alexpenfold’s Instagram is a testament to how striking supercars are, even without magazine-grade levels of Photoshop.

Another London, UK-based photographer, @yournotmyfather’s profile says it simply: “Cars and the occasional watch”. It’s an admirable amount of modesty, because you don’t often see shots of supercars like these. 

You follow us, don’t you? Hit the “Follow” button above, and prepare to have your Instagram feed filled with, well, the stuff you like to see. 

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