Journal: 6 Instagrammers Worth Following January 6 Edition

6 Instagrammers Worth Following January 6 Edition

By Ted Gushue
January 6, 2017

Your feed needs watering, we’re here to help. Here are 6 accounts that have caught our attention this week.

Clean custom cafe racers, simple as can be. VDB keep it understated, which is mirrored in their aesthetic on the Instagram. Fun to keep an eye on these guys as they grow.

Our interview with Lord Pembroke on what he aims to create this June at Wilton House has been one of our most read articles of the week. If you haven’t seen the feature, head on over to get a sense for what they’re building in Wiltshire, UK.

Zander Warren is a new acquaintance of Petrolicious, but we’re fast becoming fans of the work he does behind the scenes. Want an inside look at how The Grand Tour is made? Zander was on the scene. Want to see how DriveTribe’s content is produced? He’s your man. We just convinced him to get on Instagram and share his ridiculous life, so stay tuned.

Do you like 911s? Do you like 911 Safaris? We just featured Michael Pollock’s Safari last week and had a scream of a time in the passenger seat. Keep an eye on him for his increasingly off-road adventures.

What many UK car guys call “The Godfather” Joe Macari makes Ferraris magnificent. He’s about to open the official Ferrari Classiche center in a few weeks. You’re going to want to stay tuned to what they’re up to. Oh, and the car he works on won the Goodwood Revival this year. So yeah.

Petrolicious contributor and co-pilot on adventures far and wide to our Editorial Director @tedgushue, Florence Walker has recently taken over the instagram for @DriveTribes and runs a mean account herself. Expect a lush smattering of classics all over foggy London and beyond.

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Mr. Tyagi
Mr. Tyagi
6 years ago

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Rob Timmermann
Rob Timmermann
7 years ago

Check out these guys! They seem to be quite new, but awesome:

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