Journal: 9 Classics To Inspire A Drive Before Summer’s Gone

9 Classics To Inspire A Drive Before Summer’s Gone

By Petrolicious Productions
September 2, 2015

As summer winds down to a close in half of the world, owners have been active, hastily fitting the last few weekend road trips into an exceedingly busy schedule. Or, at least that’s what it looks like on Instagram and the #drivetastefully tag. This week’s selections show 9 classics, from Zagatos to a Ford Bronco, squeezing out the last few days of summer.

Even though this Ford Bronco is for sale, it’s photos like these that make us want to hit the trail in search of adventure. @projectemptygarage shows how a simple shot should be done. A moody shot is appropriate for this Mercedes-Benz 190d, shot by @daemonexmachina in the Philippines and not at your local concours event. Looks like it’s well-kept, too. Holden? Torana? Oh yes—nice one by @australiaclassic.

@scuderek captured quite the scene: a Porsche 911S and Jaguar E-Type, cars that look so good together. @samupaim took a photo of exactly what we’d use a Willys for: going off-road in order to get closer to the action, whatever that may be. A Polski Fiat 126p? Why not? Looks like a nice example, photo by @hornet_b.

How did this Volkswagen get to park beside the pool? We don’t know, but @romanraetzke was right to notice the similarities between the massive diving board railing and the Samba’s window-filled roof. Again, @dancali is able to stretch the limits of time and space in order to present well-known classics in a new way. Finally, @valvebounce shows an endearing sight: an Alfa Romeo Junior Zagato that looks oh-so futuristic against such an old structure.

Tag your photos with #drivetastefully on Instagram, and you may feature here in the coming weeks. Try to capture things from a unique angle, and use these shots as inspiration.


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Dan Picasso
Dan Picasso
8 years ago

Now, if the Samba was wearing a proper full-length rack it and the diving board would [i]really[/i] blend together.

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