Journal: 9 Photos That Capture the Thrill of Classic Cars

9 Photos That Capture the Thrill of Classic Cars

By Petrolicious Productions
June 3, 2015

From a pristine-looking Triumph TR5 to the sight of a Ferrari 275-Series berlinetta driving away down the road, this week the #drivetastefully tag on Instagram was one to follow closely. Here are our 9 favorites from the past seven days.

In the first row, @the.superswede highlighted this red Triumph TR5’s best feature: its nose. (We also love the rally lights and bumperless look.) @877workshop captured a beautiful Porsche 911 2.4 S in Hamburg, Germany. Finally, @arthurh_photography must have enjoyed an earful as this V12-powered 275-Series Ferrari drove past…

We don’t usually like overly dark scenes, but @barkeskin’s photos are mostly taken at night. This is probably how the car looked that night, a refreshing departure from most perfectly-lit automotive night scenes that are popular these days. @ederrrr keeps it classy with selective color on this BMW 2002. And if we have to tell you the connection between @hofmeisterkink and the beautiful BMW 3.0 CSL—or why @hofmeisterkink only posts BMWs, for that matter—we’ll only say that you should examine the shape of the side windows on all BMWs.

@team_t124 shows a clean Fiat 124 race car at speed, on two-ish wheels!—look at the inner tires! Take our word for it: follow @alexjeasthope right now. This silver Ferrari is the tip of the iceberg. Finally, @powe_garage says, “Just point it at the horizon and go”. We agree.

Now go, and submit your photos on Instagram by tagging them with #drivetastefully; each week we’ll highlight our favorites. 

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