Journal: 9 Stunning Views Of The Open Road

9 Stunning Views Of The Open Road

By Petrolicious Productions
May 8, 2015

The open road has a certain allure, doesn’t it? With the right road and conditions, even a rental car can be a compelling companion. This week, we asked you for shots from the open road, and you did not disappoint. These are our 9 favorites.

Next week’s theme will be “racing”—and whatever that may mean to you. Submit your photos on Instagram by tagging them with #drivetastefully.


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Marvin R
Marvin R

BTW do I really have to share on Instagram? Can’t I share via Flickr or Twitter?

Marvin R
Marvin R

During a ride a long the Italian-Austrian border a few years ago I just had to stop to take a picture of the impressive landscape that absorbed me and the car.