Travel: A Dash Of Class At Monterey

A Dash Of Class At Monterey

By Christer Lundem
August 24, 2015

Photography by Christer Lundem

As being the first time I visited Monterey Car Week, I fell in deep waters. You might say that I was afraid of being at the wrong place at the wrong time. Not afraid of getting mugged, hurt, or anything like that—just afraid of missing out on the good parts during those fantastic days in August.

But enjoying yourself during these days is easy: exotic cars and exciting people are everywhere. How often do you see a 1955 Mercedes-Benz 300 SL “Gullwing” parked on the street, or eat dinner at the same place as Nick Mason? For most people, the answer is never, and I did both. After a couple of days, I just enjoyed myself and concluded that whatever event or arrangement I visited was going to be an experience – and so it was!

Classic cars are intriguing and exciting to look at. However, when driving them, the only thing you see of your car is the dashboard. Or, in some cases—enter the Ferrari Dino—you also get to see part of the front wings.

I am really fascinated by interiors and dashboards: They convey messages that sometimes the makers did not intend, or communicate the origin of the car so well. For instance, if you have ever driven a Porsche 911, just looking at the dials makes you understand it is German: simple, no fuss, plain engineering, and easy to read.

Click throught to the Petrolicious Guide To Monterey Car Week Presented by Michelin to continue reading and see full gallery. 

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