Journal: Classic AC Spark Plug Ads Ignite in Color

Classic AC Spark Plug Ads Ignite in Color

Petrolicious Productions By Petrolicious Productions
May 20, 2013

There are a handful of parts brands whose names and logos really stick in the Petrolista consciousness, whether a result of their important place in automotive history, iconic and memorable marketing design, or in the case of AC spark plugs, both.

Here we’ve highlighted a few of our favorite vintage AC sparker ads, each one full of spectacular color, design, and artwork, particularly the Monza GT and Stingray concept pieces. This is the kind of stuff Leno has blown up to plaster the walls of his amazing collection, and we completely understand why. Which is your favorite?

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Andreas Lavesson
Andreas Lavesson

I have to agree with you on the Stingray concept ads, and I also like the Cadillac Cyclone one. American concept cars of the 50’s and 60’s were absolutely insane, in a good way.