Journal: Airports Are Where The World’s Most Dashing Have Mixed For Decades

Airports Are Where The World’s Most Dashing Have Mixed For Decades

Michael Banovsky By Michael Banovsky
March 17, 2016

Flying somewhere far away doesn’t come cheap.

Once marketers realized this point—and travelers in the early days noticed that they were surrounded by similarly-minded and similarly-financed people—airports and air travel became the place to show off. From grand architecture to the Concorde, loud uniforms for the cabin crew, or photo shoots staged in hangars, the act of flying is, for most, the fastest, highest, and farthest we’ll ever travel.

So why not have a bit of fun?

We thought back to our favourite sights and sounds from airports, with the hopes of forgetting (if only for a moment) that modern air travel (though vastly less expensive, more reliable, safer…) still lacks the visual thrill and boundless attitude that inspired so many to step aboard an airplane in the first place.

I can do without the silly uniforms, but would love for audacious liveries and a higher overall standard of passenger dress to return—why is it always the people who are dressed too casually for a pajama party the ones to be least amazed or delighted that they are, in fact, traveling hundreds of miles per hour a few thousand feet from the ground…?

Which aspect of classic air travel do you wish would make a comeback?

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Linda N Brian Schick
Linda N Brian Schick

In my flying days ( Vietnam Era ) it was mostly us G I’s dashing from one terminal to another.

Guitar Slinger
Guitar Slinger

A minor correction to the header good sir ; ” Airports are where the worlds most dashing … ‘ Use To ‘ … to mix back in the day ” These days the dashing , genuinely wealthy and jet set crowd fly private jets [ chartered or owned ] dashing directly to the awaiting plane in their Limos etc bypassing the municipal airports terminals the planes are based out of completely and then ‘ dashing ‘ into the sky as soon as the tower gives them clearance ….. with a Limo etc awaiting them at their destination which the plane… Read more »