Automotive Archaeology: Visiting An Abandoned Italian Race Track With A Porsche, A Ferrari, And An Alfa Romeo

Inside, the hum of a barroom conversation amongst friends with the same passion but different tastes. Outside, these tastes are manifested in the metal with a trio of sports cars. A Porsche sandwiched by two of its historic rivals, Alfa Romeo and Ferrari. A GTV, a GTB, and an SC, waiting to take us on an adventure into the unknown.

Three legendary brands woven deeply into motorsport lore, three of the most iconic road cars of their era, all three registered in the mid-eighties when their current owners were in their early twenties. These cars were the protagonists of a decade defined by both malaise and excess, the years of the yuppies, VHS tapes, and neon-lit debauchery. But these automobiles are more than decorations of this oft-stereotyped era. They’ve matured and aged with dignity to help inform a rosier remembrance of the time of their creation.

That’s enough of waxing nostalgic, though, it’s time for us to enjoy these cars’ talents, and to rediscover a relic of a bygone time in the process.